Following her passion leads Angela Lebedovich to Lieutenant Governor’s award

Angela Lebedovich, Lieutenant Governor's medal winner.

Angela Lebedovich, Lieutenant Governor’s medal winner.

Going above and beyond is nothing unusual for UFV’s 2014 Lieutenant Governor’s award recipient Angela Lebedovich.

Students in vocational or career programs less than two years in length who have excelled in their studies and contributed to the life of their post-secondary institution or their community are eligible to be nominated for this award. Lebedovich embodies all of these qualities.

When the practicum requirement for her Community Support Worker certificate called for 200 hours of practical experience, Lebedovich volunteered 264.

“It was obvious that the extra help was needed and extremely appreciated, so it made me happy to give it,” she says.
Her practical experience as an educational assistant made a deep impact at Sardis Elementary in Chilliwack, where students and staff alike quickly embraced her warmth, flexibility, and willingness to learn. It was a natural extension of Lebedovich’s previous work within schools, which began when her own children entered the educational system.

“I quickly realized my passion for inclusion, and the acceptance of diversity. My desire to help others overcome obstacles and build meaningful relationships in order to lead happier, more independent lives made becoming an EA a perfect fit.”

Professional in her communication with school colleagues, students and families, she nurtured a positive working environment with everyone in the school, all while eagerly learning, effectively managing high-pressure situations, and seeking creative interventions to support student learning.

Best of all, Lebedovich’s excellence also shone in UFV’s classrooms, where exams and assignments ranked at the top of the class.

“My experience at UFV was a very positive one. Instructors were very supportive and helped me feel like I was part of the institution. My need to teach my children to give it your best at everything you do pushed me to stay focused and determined, and my understanding and supportive partner always encouraged me to do the best work that I could. I have to say that my age also contributed to my success in my studies. Being a mature student and having children helped me to prioritize, organize, and empathize.”


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