Get those synapses snapping with UFV microlectures

UFV's microlecture seriesHow would you like to know more about invasive knotweed, flipped mathematics, intentional mental illness, queer ecology, and censorship of soldiers in one hour or less?

UFV is once again presenting microlectures by faculty members on Wed, Nov 13 at 11 am in the Roadrunner lounge in Building A of the Abbotsford campus.

Come find out about what UFV faculty are up to in their research and learn about more than a dozen topics in under an hour. Pick up some interesting tidbits from some of UFV’s best minds. Each researcher takes the stage for a maximum of two minutes and speaks about the exciting findings and implications of their research.

List of speakers:

Jim Daems
Queer Ecology? — William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation

Darrell Fox
Social Work and Human Services
Power Relations and Specific Advocacy Approaches in Family Group Conferencing with Children and Young People

Sharon Gillies
Invasive Knotweeds: The Godzilla of Plants

Aleksandra Idzior
Visual Arts/Arts History
War and Photography: Teresa Zarnower’s Response to a Catastrophe

Marcella LaFever
Undergraduate Research at a Teaching-Intensive University: The Relationship of Gender and Year of Study to Student Motivations

Judy Larsen
Upgrading & University Preparation
Student Autonomy in a Flipped Mathematics Classroom

Seonaigh MacPherson
Adult Education
Integration, Achievement, or Sustainability? Interpretations of Diversity Education in Canada, the USA, and India

Linda Pardy
Higher Learning & Radical Integration: Connecting Disciplines & Helping Students Juggle it All

Prabhjot Parmar
The Letter that Never Reached: Censorship and Indian Soldier in France during the Great War

Peter Raabe
Intentional Mental Illness

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