The Elephant in the Room is… named Fraser

Welcome to FRASER, the aptly named elephant in Room A273 in Abbotsford.

Many thanks to those who submitted the very creative, thoughtful and clever names for the Elephant in the Room…the Conflict Resolution Room (office) that is!  All of the suggested names were meaningful, relevant, funny and creative.Names offered included references to literature, religion, and culture, some simple plays on words and some in a different language! The top three names as chosen by a committee were then posted to a survey and the winner selected.Those top three names were:

Ellie: Short, simple, and clearly aligned to what it represents — an elephant, and minimal chance for misinterpretation — always important in the language of resolving differences. (Shawna Pierce)

Connie: Well, because she’s hanging on the wall of the Conflict Resolution office — plain and simply stated. Sometimes, complicated language complicates the issues being resolved. (Vera White Phipps)
Fraser: Proudly named for our university and also for the breadth, depth, and confluence of the nearby Fraser River. Conflicts often involve a breadth of perspectives, invite a depth of understanding and resolve with a confluence of ideas. (Leona MacDonald)

With over 83% of the popular vote, Leona’s entry was chosen. The Elephant is aptly named “Fraser” and looks forward to hanging out in the Human rights and Conflict Resolution Office. Please do drop by to say hi.

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