UFV International launches new online application

UFV International online application login

International students can now apply to study at UFV online, thanks to a new, user-friendly online application launched by UFV International.

“The online application was designed in-house to make it easier for international students to apply,” says Ora Steyn, UFV International’s executive director. “Many universities offer the option to apply online. We needed an easy-to-use online application to remain competitive and provide better service to our future students.”

International recruiters used the new application on a recent trip to India. Data from applicants was instantly available to UFV International admissions team, greatly reducing response time. “Paper applications had to be scanned or faxed, and then manually entered in the database,” explains Steyn. “This new tool speeds up the application process and enables us to get back to our applicants faster and more efficiently.”

Applicants log in to a secure site to fill out their application and upload pertinent documents. They can complete the process in one or multiple sessions. Even after they submit their application, they can log in to see the information they have submitted and view their application status on the main dashboard.

The online application can be filled out from a browser, a mobile phone, or other platforms for optimum flexibility.

“The online application eliminates the legibility problems that come with shaky handwriting, fuzzy scans, or poor quality faxes,” says Nancy Merritt, UFV International’s admissions coordinator. “We’re expecting data quality will improve as a result.”

The online application integrates with UFV International’s database to facilitate processing. The next development phase includes integration with a payment portal to enable applicants to pay the application fee online.

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