Love politics? Or indifferent? Research study wants to hear from both kinds of students

We are looking for participants for A Qualitative Investigation of the Political Attitudes of Youth in the Fraser Valley.

Who is looking? This research project is being done by Elizabeth Ashton, a fourth-year political science student at UFV. It is being supervised by Dr. Hamish Telford, head of the UFV political science department.

The goal of this research project is to gain a deeper, and more accurate, understanding of youth attitudes towards politics. By communicating directly with youth, we hope to learn more about youth attitudes towards politics and present perspectives of youth that are not widely heard in the research community.

However, we need participants. Are you:

– Between the ages of 18-25
– A Canadian citizen
– Not interested in or engaged with politics.
– Very interested in and engaged with politics.

2-4 hours of your time will be required.

Participating will involve:

– Filling out 5-6 short questionnaires
– Participating in a one-on-one interview with Elizabeth Ashton
– There will be a Facebook component, where participants will have the opportunity to answer questions posed by the researcher in a closed, secret group. The researcher may send specific questions to participants via Facebook message, in order to clarify her understanding of the participant’s perspective.

All information that you share will be kept confidential and your names will be changed before Dr. Telford sees any information. Identities will also be concealed in the final research paper. In this study we will be asking about your views and opinions about politics, so it shouldn’t be very sensitive or controversial. Nonetheless, your privacy is very important. Your participation will conclude by April 15, so this project won’t conflict with finals.

If you’d like to be involved or you have any questions – let us know! Please contact Elizabeth Ashton at or1.306.850.0576 (via text is fine) or Hamish Telford at or 604.504.7441, ext. 4425.


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