UFV Study Abroad launches a new website and blog

UFV Study Abroad blog

Ever thought of studying abroad?

UFV Abroad has just launched a new blog and website to help you plan your adventure.

“We’ve always had information on the web,” says Jag Deol, UFV Study Abroad coordinator. “But it was buried within the UFV website and hard for students to find and navigate. We hope the new site will make the information easier to access and use.”

The new site features a student-run Study Abroad blog. “We’ve received multiple requests from faculty and students for such a forum,” says Deol. “We’re pleased to provide a place where students can share about their Study Abroad experiences.”

Anyone can submit a blog post or photo about Study Abroad to share with the UFV community.

Study Abroad student Renée Hartwig will coordinate the blog and publish stories. Renée went to study abroad in Poland in Winter 2012, where she took art classes and immersed herself in Eastern Europe’s rich cultural heritage. Since then, she has returned to UFV to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and visual arts, and a Teaching English as a Second Language certificate. After she graduates in June 2013, she hopes to return abroad to teach English.

“Our goal is to encourage and enable as many students as we can to travel, learn, and broaden their world,” Hartwig says in her first blog post. “If you are a current, former, or future Study Abroad student, please submit a post, photo or comment. Your perspective is valuable and can help foster a dynamic community here at UFV.”

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