Temporary disruption to UFV/Impark pay parking meters

UFV has experienced slow or inoperative Impark pay parking meters at UFV campuses yesterday and today. In investigating this situation we have been advised of the following situation status from Impark.

Digital Payment Technologies is the Enterprise Management System provider for Impark. EMS allows the meters to perform transactions in “real time”. DPT performed a low-level software upgrade to the EMS system on Tues, Jan 15. Unfortunately an unexpected software issue affected the “real time” function of the meters.  When “real time” is not available, the parking meter continues to try and process the card until it times out, 2-3 minutes. Once it times out, it batches the credit card transaction and processes it when the meter is back online. Impark meter technicians have come up with a work around which is temporary but will allow the meters to work normally until the bigger EMS issue is resolved. This temporary fix is now effective. UFV has been assured by Impark that there is no concern for lost or compromised transaction data.  All Impark pay parking systems are expected to be fully operational within 24 hours.

Our apologies to students and visitors of UFV who may have experienced this inconvenience.

UFV Facilities Services


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