Social Work students present harm-reduction awareness event in support of The Warm Zone

UFV’s Social Work Student Association (SWSA) is holding a Harm Reduction awareness event on Tues, Nov 20 in support of The Warm Zone, Abbotsford’s low-barrier program for street entrenched women.

The original goal was to join the fight towards helping keep the Warm Zone stay open after it had originally lost its bid for more funding. The aim was to try to gather enough funding to keep it going for another month, but after the Warm Zone was granted the opportunity to keep its doors open for another year, the group decided this would be the perfect opportunity to raise awareness in support of keeping the Warm Zone open long term. They are trying to create a discussion around the topic of harm reduction in hopes of showing that programs like the Warm Zone are vital to the community.

Tues, Nov 20
1:30 pm

Abby B101

Guest speakers include a representative from the Abbotsford Police Department (APD); Ward Draper, the Minister of 5 in 2; Amanda Readings, Shannon Halligan, and Sophie Smit, third- year Bachelor of Social Work students; Michele Giordano and Erica Thomson from the Warm Zone; and Ann Livingston from VANDU.

The discussions will be centered on the topics as follows:

Ward Draper: Harm Reduction from a faith-based perspective

Amanda Readings, Shannon Halligan, and Sophie Smit: Ecstasy Harm Reduction

Erica Thomson: Hep C Harm Reduction and reasons for clean using supplies

Ann Livingston: Does Harm Reduction discourage abstinence?

Michele Giordano: The Warm Zone as a Harm Reduction service in so many ways (not just needles and pipes)

Cost: Free

Light refreshments will be served

If you would like to help SWSA assist the Warm Zone in staying open longer than a year, SWSA will have a donations box available at the theatre door for supporter contributions.

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