Abbotsford welcomes the Teacher Education program

The Teacher Education program has arrived in Abbotsford!

The Teacher Education program at UFV is a post-degree program designed to turn students into teachers. The students enrolled in the program form a cohort that learns and studies together, and with a year’s worth of full-time study will become familiar with and prepared for K-12 curriculum and pedagogy.

This summer, the sixth cohort of student teachers began their full time studies at the beginning of July.  While many students and faculty are soaking up the sun, the TEP cohort is learning about reflective practice, social justice, course and project planning, math and physical education methods, classroom management, and technology in the classroom.

In the past, the Teacher Education program has been based at the Chilliwack campus on Yale road. However, with the move to Canada Education Park, it was time for the TEP to find a new home.

That new home is the King Road Abbotsford campus, and students and faculty alike are excited about the move.

“The cohort and the program leaders hope to make a positive mark on the campus,” explains Awneet Sivia, department head of the Teacher Education program. “We also hope to capture the attention of many of our 3rd and 4th year students, to inspire them to become teachers themselves.”

“We’re excited to make our new home in Abbotsford and anticipate much rich and rewarding collaboration with undergrad programs, students and faculty in the years ahead.”

The Teacher Education program is now based in D137, and faculty offices are located in upper levels of D building.

You can see some photos of the cohort in action here.

For more information about the program, visit their website here or email the department head at .

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