UFV students go on air in Antigua

Amber Major from Agassiz (left), Mackenzie Edwards of Abbotsford (centre) and UFV Kinesiology instructor Joanna Sheppard were on air in Antigua on Wednesday morning

UFV students hit the Antiguan airwaves on air Wednesday morning to highlight their program, Champions for Health Promoting Schools.

Mackenzie Edwards of Abbotsford and Amber Major from Agassiz were featured on the popular morning show,  Goodmorning Jo Jo on Hitz FM 91.9.

Along with UFV Kinesiology instructor Joanna Sheppard, the creator of the program, they discussed their goals when working with the children, and what they’re doing on a daily basis.

“It’s really great coming back every year,” said Joanna, adding that it’s her seventh year running the program at the island’s elementary schools. “What we do for the month of May is we are teaching the importance of physical education and health education. But more importantly, we teach about life skills. So taking responsibility for ones actions and being a team player… and all those life skills that children really need to grow up to be strong Antiguan citizens.”

When asked about working with Adele Elementary, which is a school with children of special needs, Edwards and Major explained their experiences.

“We have to remember that each child is an individual, but they are all special in their own way,” said Edwards. “In essence they are no different.”

“Another point is being patient,” added Major. “Whether it’s someone with disabilities or not, we have to take that time with any child and help them develop those skills from the base up – which is what we’re doing at Adele.”

“Even in the past week or so we’ve seen them grow and improve upon those skills,” said Edwards. “It’s definitely been successful.”

Edwards and Major weren’t the only students providing radio interviews.

Graeme Dick of Abbotsford gave an interview via Skpe to Star FM, while Ciera Fox of Chilliwack spoke with The Hawk 89.5 in Chilliwack.


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One Response to UFV students go on air in Antigua

  1. nader hodroj May 22, 2012 at 2:28 am #

    I would like to support ths great program with all the UFV students involved in it and of course the wonderful Joanna sheppard leading the program. It means a lot to these children and i know it means a lot to the UFV students involved in it as well. I love the whole aspect of learning life skills and decision making when teaching these children. Life is all about learning and team building and this program definitely is a plus and these children will defintely benefits as they get older. I hope this will spur on more programs in other schools around british columbia, We need more programs like this as they are so important in building and strengthening the role of sports for children and in their future.