The old CE gang checks out the new Continuing Studies digs

This includes current and retired employees of Continuing Ed (now Continuing Studies) and friends of the department. Back row: Patrick O'Brien, Bob Peters, Carol Peters, Nicole Kungle, Robin Smith, Ron Coreau, ____________, Janie Clark, Grace Gould, Sandy Tait, Anne Russell. Front row: Catherine McDonald, Catherine Sorensen, Laura Larson, Barb Harms, Paddy Briggs, Richard Heyman, Cheryl Isaac, Laura Crawford, Kathie Ramsay.

Continuing Education (now Continuing Studies) has been an integral part of UFV since we were founded in 1974. If fact the first UFV employees were continuing education planners seconded from the school districts.

Continuing Studies director Cheryl Isaac invited past and current CE colleagues to tour the new UFV Clearbrook Centre on Sunday, April 22.

They reminisced about the past and admired the new facility.




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