Newman to speak on impact of climate change on Canadian culinary identity

Come hear UFV geography professor Lenore Newman (Canada Research Chair in Food Security and Environment) talk about her research on the impact of climate change on Canadian culinary identity.

Tues, March 20

7 to 9 pm

Room B101, Abbotsford campus

One of the supporting narratives of Canadian culture is our relationship with the natural world and with the experience of living in a northern climate. Canadian cuisine thus incorporates a number of cold-climate foods, and climate change poses a threat to the economic and cultural continuity of these key products.

Over the last six months Lenore had been working to plan climate adaptation strategies for key Canadian foods. In this presentation she will describe examples of resilient food system planning from across the country.

This series is presented by the UFV  Centre for Environmental Sustainability

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One Response to Newman to speak on impact of climate change on Canadian culinary identity

  1. meme mine March 18, 2012 at 7:05 am #

    As long as there are dozens of climate change protesters in the streets and millions in the world of science not joining them, exaggeration of climate change crisis is painfully obvious.
    Scientific exaggeration trumps all scientific consensuses.
    Occupywallstreet does not support climate change. (carbon trading stock markets ruled by banks)
    Obama has not mentioned any climate crisis in his last two state of the unions.
    And as long as the scientists sit and watch the world walk away from their warnings, exaggeration is obvious. Deny that.
    Today”s climate change crisis believer is tomorrow’s end of the world freak.