UFV international students showcase their cultures

As part of International Week from Nov 14– 18, UFV International students hosted four events at U House to showcase their culture and celebrate diversity on campus.

The week kicked off with A Taste of India on Monday. Guests were treated to samosas and chai tea. The Bhangra Club provided entertainment for the evening, first with a lively performance, followed by a bhangra dance lesson for the enthusiastic crowd. While the moves looked deceptively simple, few could master them and much flailing ensued.

On Wednesday, community members were invited to an event called Travel in China, hosted by UFV’s Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA). Students from two major cities and three large provinces manned information stations. They toured each guest through their region’s main attractions and provided samples of local fruit and candy. Guests who visited all five stations received a complimentary gift. The evening concluded with a Chinese meal by donation, with the proceeds going to help the victims of the recent Turkey earthquake.

“We were pleased with the turnout,” said Jolynna Qiao, founder of UFV’s CSSA. “Often people come to these events for the food, but this time, we had many guests who only wanted to view the displays and learn more about China.”

The celebration continued on Thursday night with dancing, featuring four student groups from Africa, Southeast Asia, Mauritius and the Dominican Republic.  Each group was decked out in traditional costume and performed a dance representative of their country.  Some guests also had their hair braided by a team of African students.

The UFV Japanese Club wrapped up the week on Friday with Traditions of Japan, which included tea, origami, calligraphy, traditional games, refreshments, and a slideshow. Many students tried their hands at the games — a puzzle of a human face completed while blindfolded and a wooden toy with a ball on a string — with varying degrees of success.

“I want to thank the students who participated in International Week and gave me the opportunity to experience a taste of their culture,” said Adaly Molina, UFV International’s accommodation liaison. “With students on campus coming from 45 different countries, we’ve only had a small sample of all the cultures that are represented at UFV.”

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