Synapses were snapping at UFV microlectures

It was another intellectually stimulating lunch hour at UFV as the university presented the annual faculty microlectures. More than a dozen faculty presented their field of expertise in two-minute morsels, leaving the audience curious for more.

  • Erik Talvila, Math and Statistics: Distributional integrals
  • Fiona McQuarrie, Business Admin: Colleges and universities: How do we tell them apart?
  • Annette Vogt, Criminology: Extrajudicial measures through diversion: It’s the law!
  • Tom Baumann, Agriculture: Natural plant growth regulators in berry crops or how to manipulate plants
  • Amanda McCormick, Criminology Centres: Program participants’ perceptions of BCLC’s VoluntarySelf-Exclusion program: Results of a longitudinal study
  • Lionel Pandolfo, Geography:  Climatology in today’s world
  • Lucki Kang, Social Work and Human Services:  H1N1 Pandemic planning and response of field education programs
  • Jamin Pelkey, English: Signs of change: What linguists could learn from biology
  • Satwinder Bains, Centre for Indo- Canadian Studies: Race-making in the corridors of academia
  • Scott Sheffield, History: British Columbia’s War, 1939–45
  • Sheryl Macmath, Teacher Education: Assessment as, for, and of learning: Student teachers empowered to maximize student success
  • Marcella LaFever, Communications: Increasing the participation of marginalized cultural groups in the Abbotsford community dialogues: Applying the 9P Planning model
  • Gwen Point, Social Work and Human Services and History: Intergenerational experiences in Aboriginal education: My family
  • Scott Shupe,  Geography: Modeling the impact of land cover change on water quality in the Fraser Valley using GIS
  • Nadeane Trowse, Writing Centre: Genre theory as it predicts the success or failure of genre usage
  • Rajnish Dhawan, English: Heroes in limbo: A comparative study of the heroic action and inaction in the Greek epic The Iliad and Sanskrit epic The Mahabharata

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