Steve Donahue: Shifting Sands

Steve Donahue

Playing a bongo while pacing the stage of UFV Abbotsford’s lecture theatre, Steve Donahue painted a picture of a younger self, crossing the Sahara desert.

At only 20 years old, he made the trek with a friend. It was this journey upon which he has based his career of motivational speaking, becoming an international best-selling author, and documentary filmmaker.

On Monday night, students, staff and faculty of UFV listened to Donahue’s story, which revolved around the message, “Follow a compass, not a map.”

He spoke about the cross-roads that people experience throughout life and the decisions made at those times.

“At some intersections, we are about to cross into unchartered territories,” said Donahue. “In midst of that journey, when we are not using the map, is when the most amazing things can happen.”

Donahue continued by explaining what it means to follow an “inner compass.”

He described it as an inner guidance system — the inherent feeling that pushes and pulls you in different directions.

Following one’s inner compass means to follow three things: passion, talent and authenticity.

“Following your compass will take you to a better destination than you would have ever experienced otherwise.”

The speaking event was a partnership between the Faculty of Communications and Student Life, and was organized by Dr. Linda Pardy and Susan Francis.

Donahue’s first book, Shifts Sands: A Guidebook for Crossing the Deserts of Change, is available at the UFV bookstore.

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