CIVL receives funding for community news editor

CIVL Radio at the Chilliwack student orientation day, 2011

CIVL 101.7 FM, a community-based campus radio station at UFV’s Abbotsford campus, was recently awarded $5,883 through the Youth Internship Program of the Community Radio Fund of Canada for its community news editor.

CIVL’s community news editor, Tiffany Suderman, has been trained in reviewing, selecting, writing, producing, and scheduling different lengths and volumes of appropriate news programming for consistent airing of local and relevant international news content.

The purpose is to serve the Fraser Valley with unbiased, relevant local news content that focuses on environmental, academic, municipal/regional political, and community issues and events that are otherwise non-existent on the FM band in the area.

CIVL has been producing daily news content, airing at the top of the hour and in between programs from 11 am-9 pm since September, and now offers this content in podcast form.

Copy this link into your iTunes podcast option, and get automatic two to five minute updates with CIVL News content every weekday and select weekends.

“The Community Radio Fund is all about supporting programming that matters to people in your town, your village, your neighbourhood,” said CRFC president John Harris Stevenson.

“I’m very happy that the fund has been able to contribute to so many amazing community projects again this year.”

The CRFC supports more than 150 licensed campus and community radio stations across Canada.

Its programs aim to strengthen local news and community programming, promote local music and emerging artists, support emerging distribution technologies as well as sustainability of community radio stations to effectively serve their local communities.

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