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Obituary: Tim Segger

Obituary: Tim Segger

Tim Segger, who served UFV in several administrative capacities until his retirement in 2010, passed away on November 23, 2015 after a battle with cancer.

Tim joined what was then Fraser Valley College as an instructor in 1979 as a sessional instructor in the  Criminal Justice department, to which he was later appointed as a member of faculty.

When he retired in 2010, it was from the role of Vice President of Administration.

In between Tim played a key role the early stages of developing international education partnerships and formal fundraising strategies while seconded to a role as Associate Dean Institutional Development. He was subsequently appointed as Associate Dean of College Planning and Development, and later appointed as Vice President of Learning and Student Success.

Throughout his career Tim was known for his sense of humour, his love of a good (and often painful) pun, his compassion, and for the intellectual depth he brought to tasks and issues.

He was also well known for his devotion to his family, his commitment to fitness, his love of cars, and his affection for the rural life on his Bradner hobby farm.

Tim leaves his wife Cynthia, and sons Colin and Mike, along with Mike’s wife Lianne and their daughter Brook-Lyn, to mourn his passing.

The family is planning a quiet celebration of life in the new year. Those of you who would like to pass on thoughts about Tim are invited to send cards or emails to Eleanor Busse-Klassen, who has graciously agreed to ensure that everything reaches the family. You may reach her at

Photos of Tim can be viewed here.