Health behaviour survey

The purpose of the following survey is to gather information on the current health and wellness of UFV employees. This survey is anonymous and will be used for information purposes within the institution for implementing and prioritizing employee health and wellness. In addition, a portion of this information will be used to support kinesiology faculty member Amber Johnston’s sabbatical project for the School of Health Sciences. A general summary of current employee health and health behaviours will be shared within UFV. This is a partnered project with Human Resources. If there are any questions, please contact survey administrator Amber Johnston at

Thank you in advance for taking the time to participate in this survey, which will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.  The last question is an opportunity for you to input your email address for a chance to win a $250 credit to a health initiative of your choice. Your answers would still remain anonymous. Deadline for survey submission is May 20, 2022.