How do you know that? Culturally relevant and responsive teaching workshops

Internationalization includes integrating different ways of knowing into activities and curriculum. But what is a “way of knowing”? What if instructors aren’t familiar with different ways of knowing? How can they do it for content that is not “cultural” in nature? In this workshop, we will start by engaging in a cross-disciplinary exercise that activates different ways of knowing. After reflecting on our experience, we will unpack connections to culturally relevant and responsive teaching.

Facilitators: Sundeep Hans (UFV Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion), and Victoria Surtees (Teaching and Learning Specialist, Internationalization)

We will:

  • Share ideas about the ways of knowing that are dominant in their discipline
  • Learn the principles of culturally relevant and responsive teaching
  • Take away an inclusive course activity that they can adapt to their own teaching context.

Workshop Dates:

June 2 (1-2:30 pm) in Abby G124.

June 28 (10-11:30 am) Online


For more information, contact Leah Lyon at