MS Teams for courses now available

As part of the M365 project, faculty can now request an MS Team be created for their course!

Using the IT Services portal, complete the Microsoft Teams for a Course request form, providing the following information:
• Primary Instructor Name
• Department
• Course Registration Number (CRN)
• The date you would like the students removed from the Team (i.e., term, course, or custom end date)

Once the Service Desk actions your request, the Team will be created with the main instructor. A system process will run at night that will automatically synchronize your Team with the class roster in Banner. Look for your students added to your Team the day after your Team is created. Faculty will be responsible for directing and monitoring the use and creating any channels.

Please note: the creation of a team may take 3-5 days after submitting a request.

For more information, contact ITS Communications at