Financial Planning workshop — Dec 4

Topic to be covered during the 45-min session with a 15-minute Q&A session:

1. Retirement Planning
• How much money do I need today and in the future?
• How much to save over time?
• Where are my retirement income coming from?
i. Work Pension?
ii. Government Pensions (CPP & OAS)?
• How much taxes do I need to pay?

2. Investment Planning
• Which types of investments should I utilize?
• What types of accounts (RRSP/TFSA/Non-Reg) should I use?
• Investment Returns and Taxation

3. Risk Management
• How do you incorporate insurance into your wealth management plan?
• What are the different types of insurance?
• Term VS Permanent?
• Do I need them?

4. Wills and Estates
• What is Estate Planning?
• Why do I need a Will?
• How to tax efficiently pass on assets to the next generations and/or charitable organizations?
• What is required?

Facilitator: Kevin Cheung, Tiffany Tam, Joseph Tang Bank of Montreal

Fri, Dec 4

1-2 pm
Online, WebEx

For more information, contact Ally Ghakkar at