New employees/moves and changes

Welcome to the following new employees, and congratulations to those changing jobs or moving into permanent positions
Type B Faculty Position  
Mariano Mapili Assistant Professor, School of Land Use & Environmental Change
Laura Buker Assistant Professor, Indigenous Studies
Aimee Brown Assistant Professor, Visual Arts
William Maher Assistant Professor, Media Arts
Joanne Robertson Assistant Professor, Teacher Education Program
Candace Couse Assistant Professor, School of Creative Arts
Maria de Luna Assistant Professor, Modern Languages
Sumin Fang Assistant Professor, Communications
Kathleen Rodgers Assistant Professor, Social, Cultural & Media Studies
Karen Sharkey Assistant Professor, Library & Information Technology
Zoe Francis Assistant Professor, Psychology
Stanislav Vysotsky Assistant Professor, Criminology
Shawn Geniole Assistant Professor, Psychology
Luisa Giles Assistant Professor, Kinesiology
Carey DeMichelis Assistant Professor, Psychology
Karen Karki Assistant Professor, Social Work
Evan Taylor Assistant Professor, Social Work
Shinhea Lee Assistant Professor, Social, Cultural & Media Studies
Dale McCartney Assistant Professor, University Studies
Type A Staff Transferred
Tiffany Olsen Assistant, Admissions Assistant Admissions, Temporary
Yunbo (Patrick) Zhou Analyst II, Server Analyst II, Systems Server, Temporary
Conor Brady Analyst I, Systems
Stephanie Jantzen Strategist, Web Content
Matthew Forsythe Groundskeeper
Chantel Watt Coordinator, Indigenous Student Transitions Auxiliary, Indigenous Student Centre
Harshdeep Khurana Analyst I, Service Desk Auxiliary, IT Services
Kusum Soni Coordinator, Centre of Indo Canadian Studies
Samuel Burton Technician I, Audio Visual Technician, Audio Visual, Temporary
Gurkipal Ghumman Analyst II, Support Auxiliary, IT Services
Type C Staff
Satish Kotha Learning Designer
Katherine Kohler Learning Designer
Rhonda Darbyson Learning Designer
Nicole Ames Specialist, Change Management
Madhavee Inamdar Project Manager
Magnus Berg Digital Asset Archivist
Paulyene Rodrigous da Casta Canedo Department Assistant, Graphic & Digital Design
Michelle Morier School Assistant, School of Creative Arts Assistant, Enrolment Services