MicroCourses – Online Teaching Fundamentals

The Teaching and Learning Centre is offering an ongoing MicroCourse series of workshops (essential Blackboard tools for online courses), with synchronous sessions for each MicroCourse scheduled weekly.
The primary objective of these MicroCourses is the pedagogy behind the tools and how they can be used to:
*achieve learning objectives
*promote student engagement
*collaborate among peers and instructors
*creative easy-to-navigate course design
*assess student learning
*offer support to students
*create an online learning community
Each course consists of:
*a one-hour scheduled synchronous session
*an additional Blackboard course
*a one-hour asynchronous activity/reading/resource
Here is a link to the workshops and their descriptions: http://events.ufv.ca/tlc/. Sessions are open to all UFV employees.
If you have any problems registering, please contact asktlc@ufv.ca or phone 604-504-7441 ext 4546
Upcoming Schedule:
MicroCourse 1 – Course Organization – Aug 18 at 11am
MicroCourse 2 – Adapting Instruction – Aug 19 at 2pm
MicroCourse 3 – Assessments – Aug 20 at 2pm
MicroCourse 4 – Synchronous Sessions – Aug 19 at 11am
MicroCourse 5 – Course Video – Aug 27 at 11am
MicroCourse 6 – Synchronous Sessions – Aug 18 at 2pm
MicroCourse 7 – Inclusivity Online – Aug 20 at 2pm
MicroCourse 8 – Managing Your Online Course– Aug 17 at 11am


For more information, contact Leah Lyon at tlcevents@ufv.ca