2020-21 weeks breakdown for UFV meetings and stat holidays

The 2020-2021 Meeting Schedule Weeks Breakdown is located at H:\UFVinfo\Meeting Schedule and Timelines\2020-2021 Meeting Schedule Timelines\2020-2021 Weeks Breakdown for UFV Meetings and Stat Holidays.pdf.

Those employees responsible for booking meeting space for department and committee meetings are asked to contact Room Bookings directly, between February and June 2020, in order to book space.

Please send an email to room.bookings@ufv.ca or use the room booking portal, https://roombookings.ufv.ca/Portal/ to submit your request(s).

Information that Room Bookings will require:

1. Meeting name and acronym, if applicable — please advise of any committee name change.
2. Week number of your meeting: Week 1,2,3,4 (please see the Weeks Breakdown document on the public drive, as noted above).
3. Meeting day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)
4. Please include all of your dates, if your meeting falls on a statutory holiday and you reschedule it to an alternate date, please also include all that information.
5. Meeting start and end times.
6. Number of attendees expected at your meeting.
7. Contact person’s name and contact information.

Room Bookings will try to provide the room you have had in the past if there are no changes to any of the following: day, time or week.

Meeting schedule requests will be processed in July 2020, and confirmation will be sent once completed.

Requests that require a classroom will only be booked up and until the last day of classes of the Fall semester. Ad-hoc meeting room request for the period of September 2020–August 31, 2021 will not be approved until after the Meeting Schedule is finalized.

Please note Room Bookings will not automatically book meeting space for a department or committee meeting unless contacted directly.