Improvements to record management coming

Every day you create, share, use, and hold records. Some are stored on department drives, external hard drives, or as hard copies.

A recent independent review made 39 recommendations aimed at bringing UFV’s Record and Information Management (RIM) practices into line with provincial standards and industry best practices.

The Secretariat has established a RIM steering committee and hired Jennifer MacDonald to the position of RIM Manager. Jennifer and the steering committee are planning and will implement these recommendations across UFV. More information on records management can be found here.

Why is RIM important for UFV?
– Ensures UFV is in compliance with provincial and federal legislation
– Saves time by reducing duplication of records and ensures records are accessible
– Safeguards vital information, historical and operational records, and provides evidence of our activities
– Increases productivity, creates corporate memory, and expands RIM knowledge base
– Reduces costs and space requirements (physical and electronic) by eliminating unnecessary records
– Ensures the institution is accountable to providing information when requested

How will RIM benefit me?

– Helps you properly retain or appropriately destroy records
– Simplifies finding the information you need, when you need it
– Unifies and aligns standards
– Strengthens knowledge of record and information management practices through training
– Creates consistency in version control and naming conventions that will boost authenticity of records
– Simplifies day-to-day work through email and shared drive management
– Protects vital records and UFV’s institutional memory

Status Update (Phase II) and Timeline

The steering committee will meet on a semester basis to advise on institutional priorities in relation to the RIM report recommendations. Over the 2019/20 academic year, an action plan (Phase II) will be developed to roll out the recommendations from the report with a goal of implementation (Phase III) for 2020/21.

The RIM manager will work with units across UFV to establish a record steward in each area. Record stewards are employees within a unit who support and act on the day-to-day implementation of the university’s records management practices. Records stewards act as a primary contact for the records manager and will be provided with timely communication on RIM next steps, training, and support as UFV begins to roll out recommendations from the RIM report.

Still need more info?
If you have questions or would like to learn more about records, please contact RIM Manager, Jennifer MacDonald or visit our web page.

For more information, contact Jennifer MacDonald at