Metis Day — Oct 29

The traditional culture of our Métis ancestors, shaped by nature, still exert strong influence on generations today, from spirituality to political attitudes. There is an undeniable relationship between Métis culture and the way history, traditional knowledge systems, healing practices, values and norms and political and legal customs are interpreted. This relationship governs the way people live and how they interpret the world around them. If culture shapes identity, then it can be concluded that the health of an individual is directly related to the overall health and wellness of their culture. Language, culture, and heritage are all interconnected. They are all part of daily life (i.e. family and community, food, art, songs, dance, spirituality, values, land use activities) and they all interact with one another to make up a unique Métis culture.

Métis Day
Louis Riel Day commemorates the anniversary of the execution of Métis Leader Riel on November 16, 1885 in Regina, Saskatchewan.
The day marks one of the most significant days in the history of Métis people. Riel made the ultimate sacrifice for his people defending Métis Rights, and so on this day Métis honour and celebrate Louis Riel in recognition of a great Leader of Métis People, Father of Manitoba, and a Métis Hero.

Tues, Oct 29
10 am-3 pm

UFV Chilliwack campus
Gathering Place, A Building

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