Influencing Without Authority workshop — Tues, Oct 15

The acid test of a good plan is the willingness of others to implement it. A key skill relevant to leaders at all levels is the ability to positively influence people in such a way that others willingly alter their thoughts and plans. One’s level of influence can be dramatically improved by carefully adjusting ideas to the concerns and communication styles of others, and by formulating ideas in a compelling way. As influencing skills are used more often, resistance to change decreases along with the need to use authority/positional power, leading to stronger relationships and increased commitment.

In this workshop, participants bring their own case studies and use the theory presented to hone their idea to maximize acceptance by their stakeholder group.

To register, please contact Tara Rozenek at or local 4536

Tues, Oct 15
9 am-12 pm
Room A225, Abbotsford campus

For more information, contact Tara Rozenek at