Effectively immediately: Updated Service Agreement template

Effectively immediately for all new or renewals of Service Agreements (Provision of Service Agreements):

An updated Service Agreement template is now in place to be used for all new or renewals of Service Agreements (Provision of Service Agreements).

The template will no longer be housed on the Financial Services webpage, you will need to contact the Legal Office at Legal@ufv.ca  to obtain a copy and/or discuss your needs, i.e. should Procurement be involved.

This change is in collaboration with the Legal and Procurement departments in an effort to streamline the process, ensure appropriate documentation is in place and best practices are followed.

If you have questions regarding the new template or the process please contact either Maureen Murphy or Stephen Gaspar in the Legal Office directly.

If copies of the existing template are being stored on your computer, please delete and contact the Legal Office for the updated version of the Service Agreement template.

Upon execution of the Service Agreement, the process of submitting a copy of the agreement, the invoice and any additional documentation to Accounts Payable remains the same.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Nicole Adams