Submissions sought for Fund For Innovative Teaching

Last year, UFV created a Fund for Innovative Teaching (FIT) to support faculty in creating, developing and/or delivering innovative teaching and learning opportunities for students.

FIT funds will support short term, one-year proposals in innovative pedagogy or curriculum design. Fundable projects may include, but not necessarily be limited to, the development of team, multi-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary, cross-faculty, technologically enhanced, experiential or place-based, and other high impact teaching and learning experiences. Funding will support: innovative projects focused on curricular development, modification or elaboration; enhancements for student learning; extraordinary online or technology-intensive course development; partnerships with external collaborators or agencies; and data gathering, analysis or synthesis, and program evaluation.

Applications for FIT funding must clearly show how the proposed project is expected to support, enhance or improve student success, whether in terms of course or program completion, more flexible learning opportunities, mastery of institutional or course or program learning outcomes, or increased retention and/or faster graduation rates. Proposals should refer where necessary to the scholarship of teaching and learning or research on learning and pedagogy to show how the project activities are, or can be, high impact.

FIT funding for any one proposed teaching and learning project may be for a maximum of $10,000. The fund is not intended to provide continuing support for projects. However, pilot proposals that result in successfully evaluated teaching and learning projects, or illustrate the potential of a long-term impact, may be renewed in subsequent years. Funding will not be approved for projects which can be developed or delivered with existing resources or completed as part of the applicant’s regular workload.

Detailed information on FIT, including applicant eligibility, criteria, application process and form, and project assessment, are available at

All FIT applications (for 2018-19 funding) must be submitted to the Office of the Provost, and VP Academic by October 31, 2017.