Introducing UFV Now — your new e-news

Welcome to UFV Now — a new take on our weekly e-newsletter, brought to you by University Relations.

UFV Now will bring a vibrant “best of UFV” summary to your inbox and will highlight news, events, opportunities, and stories about UFV people.

The newsletter will incorporate photos and deliver select stories and announcements. It will also offer general links to all the stories submitted and published on the UFV Announce blog. All upcoming events will continue to appear on the UFV Events Calendar.

We’re also launching a new feature called UFV Focus — a new platform showcasing feature stories and photos.

UFV Now will give readers a user-friendly way to see what’s happening at UFV. The “best of” format makes it easy to look at quickly, or you can dive in via the full UFV Announce blog and get a deeper look at what’s going on. The newsletter will help connect you with the UFV information you need.

You can also find the latest UFV news by following us on Twitter at @goUFV, on Facebook on the University of the Fraser Valley page, and on our externally focused main news and features blog, UFV Today.

UFV Now is brought to you by the Communications team within University Relations, comprised of Dave Pinton, Anne Russell, and Darren McDonald.

If you want to let the UFV community know about your news item, event, opportunity, employee update, or deadline, please continue to submit via the UFV Announce blog/Event Calendar form, found here. You can also submit items aimed at students to the announcement section of myUFV via the same form.