What’s Your Story? Library display and event coming up this fall

Have you ever wondered if you were a book what your title would be?

We’re looking for “books” for our UFV Chilliwack human library display and event. You can nominate yourself or someone else.

Our mission is to present unique experiences that challenge peoples’ understanding of stereotypes and educate people on diversity. Our criteria is that the people in our human library live or work within UFV’s catchment area and that the topics presented or the people involved have some connection to UFV and its objectives. See here for a link to UFV strategic goals, plans, and objectives.

Due to capacity limitations, we’ll only be collecting one or a few books on each topic, and as a result, some nominations may be held for future a collection.

We’re creating a display for the Chilliwack library, in our large display cabinet, on a poster that will hang in the Chilliwack library, and on our website. We’ll also host an event in the winter semester in which members of our human library will be invited to speak and to participate in round-table discussions about their experiences. If this is for you, please fill out the attached form and return it to the Chilliwack campus library.

What’s your story? We can’t wait to hear it. Go here to view the nomination form.

For more information, contact Lisa Morry at lisa.morry@ufv.ca