Gender identity and preferred name options added

The University of the Fraser Valley strives to create an inclusive and diverse community that accepts and values people for who they are. In this light, UFV has taken two significant steps toward making our student experience more inclusive.

Effective immediately, UFV application for admission forms will provide “Another Gender Identity” as a potential response option in the “Gender” section. Previously, only the traditional male or female gender options were available.

The second step will be implemented in September 2016 when our student information systems will default to using a student’s indicated preferred name. This will allow a student who is transitioning gender identities to provide, and be identified by, their chosen or preferred name. Their preferred name will be used on class rosters, the myUFV system, the Blackboard Course Management system, and in their email address if they so choose. To make this change, students can submit a Personal Information Change Form to any location of the Office of the Registrar. Since graduation credentials are legal documents, they will still be issued in the student’s legal name, but should a student legally change their name, UFV will reprint their credentials at no additional cost.

Many thanks to our Office of the Registrar (OReg) and Information Technology Services (ITS) teams for their help in implementing these important changes.

If you have questions regarding these changes please contact