A degree of comfort — help our cooling system work efficiently

It’s been a warm spring and the mercury continues to rise throughout the Fraser Valley now that summer has officially arrived. It’s a great time of year.

But, there is a cost to the university.

When the outdoor air temperature rises above 21 degrees Celsius, our cooling system kicks into operation, keeping the indoor air temperatures comfortable to best support your learning and working environments. The chillers and cooling towers use a lot of electricity and the hotter it gets outside, the harder they work keeping us comfortable inside.

Closing windows and doors is one way we can help reduce our use of the cooling system. Keeping the temperatures  controlled and comfortable — rather than having hot air rush in from the outside and warming up rooms above 21 is an essential component in reducing the workload of the cooling system.

This shift in behaviour can save a significant amount in utility costs while supporting UFV’s vision of being a leader of environmentally responsible development in the Fraser Valley.

For more information on power savings please contact UFV energy manager Blair McFarlane at blair.mcfarlane@ufv.ca