Warning: use caution opening email attachments

As a security best practice, we are reminding everyone to exercise the utmost of caution, particularly when it comes to unsolicited messages and attachments. If you are in receipt of one of these messages, please delete them immediately.

Malware authors are increasingly using specially crafted PDF and Word attachments to infect computers with ransomware. This malware typically encrypts user documents and other files, rendering them inaccessible until a costly ransom is paid.

A number of UFV recipients recently received a message with the subject line “FedEx Express Delivery.” This suspicious message contains only a Word attachment. This is how a recent, and particularly malicious ransomware variant known as ‘Locky’ is being spread.

Thank you for your care an caution concerning this.

Christopher Jones
IT Security Analyst

For more information, contact Christopher Jones at Christopher.Jones@ufv.ca