Scholarly Sharing Initiative: After the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: 94 Ways to Heal Hearts and Minds — Oct 22

Save this date and come join us at the next Scholarly Sharing Initiative event for 2015.

Thurs, Oct 22
1:15–2:45 pm
Abby U-House
Delicious light lunch provided

Shirley Hardman, Indigenous Affairs
Geoff Carr, Visual Arts

After the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: 94 Ways to Heal Hearts and Minds
Promoting and Embracing Reconciliation is on the minds and in the hearts of many Canadians. At UFV the efforts have centered on educational opportunities, particularly participatory learning. In 2013, on September 18, UFV suspended all classes to make space to allow students, faculty, and staff to attend learning opportunities to illuminate the Indian Residential School experiences. Since then a number of events and activities have been offered and are now in the planning stages. On June 8, 2015 when the Commission submitted its report it pointed to the damage done by Indian Residential Schools. Geoff and Shirley examine the Commission’s 94 recommendations and recognize that these can be bundled in a basket and delivered to educators in post-secondary education. In doing so, it places a responsibility not only on individuals but also on the institution to create space for this learning and healing. Shirley and Geoff would like to generate discussion around the recommendations and perhaps a deeper discussion around how we change the hearts and minds of many faculty, staff, and students.

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