Request for Proposals: Internationalization & Visiting Scholar funds

This is to announce a call for proposals for two UFV funds supported by UFV International. UFV is committed to offering internationalization opportunities to its community and, as a result, a portion of international tuition revenue has been allocated toward this purpose.

1. Internationalization Fund
The process of application for the Internationalization Fund is unchanged from previous years. Once applications are received they will be adjudicated by an Internationalization Fund review committee chaired by David McGuire.

Application deadline: Jan 16
Application package:

2. Visiting Scholar Fund
The Visiting Scholar Fund is available to modestly support expenses incurred by visiting scholars in order to facilitate academic collaboration between UFV and partner institutions or overseas colleagues. Typically, the support might cover airfare and/or accommodation.
The Visiting Scholar fund is actually an “open” fund and in the past we have not issued a call for proposals. While there is a deadline associated with this RFP, the Visiting Scholar fund will remain open for ongoing requests as they develop.

Application deadline Jan 16
Application package:

The money that supports both the Visiting Scholar Fund and the Internationalization Grant are in reality in one budget category. As a result, if we get unusually large number of good Visiting Scholar requests, we might “borrow from” the Internationalization Fund or vice versa.

Questions regarding application content can be directed to John Potts, Manager of Partnerships & Programs, at UFV International by January 10  (