Scholarly Sharing Initiative — Feb 26

Come join us in the Scholarly Sharing Initiative this month as we discuss two projects with implications for writing and publishing.

Wed, Feb 26
1:15–2:45 pm
Abby U-House
Delicious lunch provided

Hilary Turner, English — Very strange bedfellows: John Bunyan and Alison Bechdel as autobiographers

What could a jailed 17th-century dissenting preacher possibly have in common with a contemporary American lesbian cartoonist? Quite a lot, actually. Why do lives dominated by self-doubt make good stories? What does self-doubt contribute to creativity? How much is enough?

Molly Ungar, History — Modern lives: Culture and change in Montreal, 1930-1939

The historian’s journey has more than one side. The public journey requires an act of the imagination by which the historian travels back through time to discover pieces of the past; simultaneously, the historian moves forward in real time, on a private journey of writing, reflection, teaching and publishing. This talk will tell the story of Molly’s research journey into the world of a group of Montrealers in the 1930s, who thought they were daring, modern, and would change the world. This narrative also raises some important questions: What is the relationship between academic research and publishing? What is the future of scholarly research?

Sponsored by and with the generous support of UFV Office of Research Services and UFV College of Arts.

For more information contact Melissa Walter or Michelle Riedlinger