Fall 2014 academic calendar copy edits deadline — March 17

The draft Fall 2014 calendar is available online at www.ufv.ca/calendar/Fall-2014. Please take a few minutes to review any information in the calendar pages that you may be responsible for. Please note that the draft calendar may not yet include all program changes that have been made through the approval process since the last calendar publication.

Edits to your calendar copy should be sent to Ashley Hoogendoorn, calendar editor, at ashley.hoogendoorn@ufv.ca by March 17, 2014.

The easiest way to indicate changes is to copy your text from the online calendar, paste it into a Word document, and turn track changes on. Hard copy edits can also be sent via intercampus mail if you prefer. Please remember that these edits cannot include changes that must go through the approval process. Changes not requiring approval include edits to program descriptions, contact information, and scheduling/location information, and wording changes that do not affect the intent of any requirements. (Changes to course descriptions must go through the approval process.)


For more information, contact Ashley Hoogendoorn at ashley.hoogendoorn@ufv.ca