Internationalization Fund — Call for proposals

The world is increasingly characterized by its complexity, diversity and interconnectedness. These global realities require graduates to be internationally and inter-culturally competent to live and work effectively in an interdependent world. UFV is committed to the internationalization of our university and the following goals:

1. To equip students with sufficient knowledge to participate effectively as “global citizens”.
2. To enable students to understand and make connections between global developments and the needs of their own communities.
3. To equip students with the skills and competencies to function effectively at local and international levels.
4. To support faculty, staff and administration in their international/intercultural professional development and in their work with international and domestic students.
5. To support faculty, staff and administration in the development of programs, curricula, services and activities that will contribute to the internationalization of our university.

The UFV Internationalization Fund supports the development of activities that will further the internationalization of the university. By means of revenue generated from UFV International, funds are allocated each year on a competitive basis. A total of $25,000 is available on an annual basis in the form of assistance grants to undertake a range of activities to infuse an international dimension into the teaching, research and community service functions of the university. $9,000 was awarded during the first call in May of 2013 and this is the second call.

Please note that proposals that would only involve attending or participating in a conference will not be considered and would normally be supported by UFV’s Professional Development Fund.

If you have any questions regarding proposal content, please contact John Potts at UFV International, proposals should be submitted electronically to no later than Mon, Feb 17.

2013-14 Internationalization Fund Proposal guidelines and template can be found at here.

Thank you,
David McGuire
Executive Director
UFV International