OReg — new procedures!

The Office of the Registrar has adjusted some registration procedures. Online registration will stay open for the first week of term. Students will be able to register online in courses with seats available and no one waitlisting during the first week without a waiver. Students will also be able to register online the first week in courses where they have been granted a RGLA (late registration) waiver by the instructor.

RGLA (late registration) waivers will all be entered online and students will be sent an email to their UFV email indicating the waiver is on their file. Students will then register, online during the first week of term and by phone or in person beginning the second week.

RGLA waivers WILL NOT cover prerequisite errors. If you need the prerequisite(s) waived you will need a second waiver (RGPQ) from the instructor.

Students must have prerequisites satisfied in order to register for Winter 2014 courses. You will either have to have the prerequisite course(s) on your record, a waiver, or the prerequisite course in progress in order to register. You will not be able to register without prerequisites satisfied.

Winter 2014 waitlist seat offers will continue to be made daily. To obtain a seat through the waitlist, check your myUFV email daily. If a seat is available to you, you will receive an email notification from reginfo@ufv.ca with a deadline to accept the seat. You should then register promptly. If you do not register by the deadline, you will be removed from the waitlist.