CSB Payroll Savings program 2013 kickoff

New – 2013/14 Canada Savings Bond Applications now online

Canada Savings Bond applications or changes can be submitted directly online. This service
will be available to all employees up until October 31, 2013.

It’s easy to enroll:

1. Decide how much you want to save with each pay.

2. Go to csb.gc.ca/employees and click on “CSB Online Services” under the “Registration” heading. Follow the online instructions and your bond purchases will automatically be deducted from each pay. With a convenient one-time only sign-up, you don’t need to sign up again in the future. (Employees already participating can use their existing Client ID and password.) The Organization ID for all UFV employees is 11199.

Easy to access your savings:

  • You can access your money virtually any time by going to csb.gc.ca/employees and selecting “CSB Online Services” or by calling customer Service at 1-877-899-3599.
  • Once you are signed up, your automatic deductions will start with your first pay in December and continue until you want to make a change or stop your purchase. To make a change to your contribution or stop your deductions, please contact the payroll department.

Already participating in the Payroll Savings program??
If you are already purchasing bonds through the Payroll Savings program, your deductions will continue. To change the amount you’re currently investing, please go online at csb.gc.ca/employees and select “Buy or Change my Payroll Savings Plan” to access your account.

Please contact Linda Miller at local 4018 or 604-557-4018 for further information.