GreenSPEAK Seminar Series — Tom Baumann and Eric Gerbrandt

Rick Collins is an editorial, lifestyle, portrait and wedding photographer working in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest - also taking commissions worldwide in exotic locations like the United States, Mexico, the CCentre for Sustainability presents Tom Baumann and Eric Gerbrandt in greenSPEAK Seminar Series

Tues, Oct 8
2:30 pm
Abby campus, B101
Free and open to the public!

Reliable Fruit Set in Berries —
Give the bees some help

The speakers will detail the scope of the berry industry as well as the problem tackled with the research, as well as the consequences of lack of fruit set on the entire industry. A possible solution to aid the bee power in the fields will be discussed and the ramifications explained. Lastly the merit of this research approach and the rather significant positive results are presented.

Presented by Tom Baumann and Eric Gerbrandt

About Tom Baumann:
“My question always was: How to combine work with fun? Early on, realizing that biology and geography (my two favourite subjects) combined to applied biology, also known as agriculture and after long years at university and a master’s degree in plant science, I put my knowledge and love for the environment to work, running research projects for the BC berry and vegetable growers. I soon started teaching agriculture courses at UBC and later took on full-time permanent at the University of the Fraser Valley, where I have taught for the past 23 years! I also run my own nursery, as well as a four-person consulting business for the horticulture industry. I specialize in berry production and at UFV have created the Pacific Berry Resource Centre late in 2011. I love sharing my knowledge and look forward to do so with you.”

Also present will be PhD candidate and associate director of Pacific Berry Resource Centre, Eric Gerbrandt, who works in the same field and has done a great deal of this research. He is a grad of the UFV Agriculture program.