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UFV partners with Vancouver Film School

UFV partners with Vancouver Film School

UFV Provost and VP Academic Eric Davis with VFS President James Griffin at partnership announcement.

Students can now earn two world-class credentials — a Vancouver Film School (VFS) diploma and University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) degree — in as few as three years when studying full-time. Through a newly announced partnership, VFS grads will be able to step into four different UFV degree programs: the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Fine Arts, the Bachelor of General Studies, or the Bachelor of Media Arts. Additionally, UFV Theatre students can apply for the VFS-UFV Acting Scholarship.

Although most students take four years or more to complete a bachelor’s degree in a conventional program, VFS transfer students will enter UFV with more than 60 credits from their one-year diploma. Thus, they will need only two years of additional study to complete their degree at UFV.

Dr. Alisa Webb, Associate Dean of Students, College of Arts.

“This partnership between UFV and VFS offers increased learning opportunities and pathways for students,” says Alisa Webb, Associate Dean of Arts. “VFS graduates possess a significant skill set, knowledge base, and applied experience in entertainment and creative media. Further study at UFV provides the opportunity to develop new skills and increase the breadth of their knowledge, all while working towards degree completion.”

There are early indicators of success: two VFS students have already applied to UFV Fall 2018 and one UFV graduate has been awarded the VFS-UFV Acting Scholarship.

“I arrived to VFS with a low level of experience and have been working hard as an artist, in and out of school. But I am realizing that I need more training and time to improve myself in order to be ready to enter the workforce,” says Adrian Cardenas Ramirez, a current VFS student. “I think UFV will boost my future potential; a new set of professors with different perspectives means fresh eyes helping me find new areas of growth.”

“This agreement marks another important accelerated degree pathway for VFS — a tremendous opportunity for students,” says Dr. Ted Gervan, VP of Education, Vancouver Film School. VFS is Canada’s premier post-secondary entertainment arts institution, offering acclaimed and award-winning one-year diploma programs in 3D animation, film, TV, programming, video game, motion and interactive design.

Webb and Gervan share the desire to grow and strengthen this positive partnership. In the future, plans are to increase reciprocity — allowing current UFV students to study and earn credits at VFS that they can apply to their UFV degrees. As well, Webb notes that joint workshops, industry nights, and professional development, all of which will foster pertinent connections for both UFV and VFS students, are also a future possibility.

More than 3,000 students are pursuing studies in the UFV College of Arts, choosing from more than 20 academic disciplines. UFV arts courses will prepare students for careers that involve critical and creative thinking, effective communication, problem solving, and analytical reasoning.