Feed your head at student micro-lectures and research day at UFV March 20

UFV students will be showcasing their intellectual talents once again at the UFV Student Research Day on Wed, March 20.

You can drop by the Roadrunner lounge in Building A on the Abbotsford campus at 11:30 am to hear a from a smorgasbord of  11 student speakers in a micro-lecture format. Each will have five minutes to summarize and explain their research process and results. Then from 2 pm to 3:30 pm, 28 student researchers will have posters outlining their research on display in Room B121 on the Abbotsford campus. Both events are free and open to the public.

Student micro-lecture speakers:

–          Kelly Hodgins, Geography: The effect of the seasonal agriculture workers program on Chilliwack agriculture

–          Priscilla Barr, Biograpy: Surveys of juvenile hatchery and wild coho salmon

–          Mike Rastad, Psychology: The Impact of carbohydrate mouth-rinse sensing on perceptual-motor choice reaction time task in fasted/unfasted subjects

–          Ali Siemens, Media and Communication Studies: Google search: everything about you. Issues in privacy and social media

–          Robyn Matthews, Psychology: Reducing bias on the implicit associations task

–          Lais Maia, Biology: Foraging behaviour in groups of birds

–          Paul Stephany, Geography: Representing Indigenous narrative: mapping Blackfoot oral history using GIS

–          Nikki Dionne, Criminology: Programming for children with incarcerated parents

–          Sol Sun, Psychology: Criterion shifting in recognition memory

–          Jason Ho, Physics: The quantum field theory of charmonium hybrids

–          Scott Bishop, Kinesiology: Using heart-rate variability to index recovery from concussion.


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