Wildfires causing poor air quality and traffic disruption

Environment Canada has issued a special air quality statement for the Fraser Valley due to smoke and particulate matter in the air from wildfires in the eastern Fraser Valley and western United States.

Environment Canada is recommending people with chronic underlying medical conditions postpone or reduce outdoor physical activity or strenuous exercise and follow advice of their healthcare providers.

A wildfire near Hope (Flood Falls Trail) is disrupting traffic, including a closure of Highway 1 eastbound at Bridal Falls. Traffic on Highway 7 and routes near Agassiz, BC may also be impacted.

If you are driving to UFV from the eastern end of the Fraser Valley, please check Drive BC updates.

During this advisory please:

  • Continue to manage medical conditions like asthma, chronic respiratory diseases, and heart conditions. If symptoms continue seek medical attention or call 9-1-1 if in an emergency.
  • While on campus close windows to minimize the passage of particulate matter into buildings.
  • Minimize time spent outdoors. UFV uses to MERV-13 air filters in intakes across campuses. These filters help reduce particulates from the air.
  • Stay cool and keep hydrated.

This air quality advisory is expected to continue until the current weather pattern changes. For more information, and to monitor air quality please visit the BC Air Quality Index site.

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  1. If you don’t have an urgent reason to drive east, then don’t. It will take you hours to get from Bridal Falls to Hope.

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