UFV Building T in Chilliwack conducting lockdown drill – May 18

On Wednesday, May 18, at 10am, UFV in conjunction with Chilliwack RCMP, will conduct a lockdown drill in the UFV Trades and Technology Centre (Building T) on the Chilliwack campus. This drill will take place at 10 am in Building T only.

If you are a student in this building at this time, your faculty will have more information for you. If you are concerned this drill may cause a traumatic response or disturb you, please contact your faculty member directly.

Lockdown is a term used in the K-12 educational system and by the RCMP. This is an emergency procedure that will help secure buildings and protect people from a potential immediate threat. This procedure is used when staying inside a building is safer than evacuating.

What to expect on Wednesday, May 18 at 10am during the drill:

  • The RCMP may attend this drill to observe and you may see people in uniform in and around Building T.
  • You may hear announcements commencing and ending the drill via loudspeaker or via megaphone.
  • Faculty, students, and staff in Building T who are participating will move to safe areas in their building. They will be following this lockdown procedure.
  • Counselling services will be available to assist those who require services on the day of the drill.
  • Drill participants in Building T will be notified by their faculty and through various UFV communication channels in advance and on the day of the drill.
  • Reminders of the drill will be sent to all UFV faculty and staff on all campuses in the days leading up to the drill.

The purpose of this lockdown drill is to increase staff, student, and faculty awareness and familiarity with procedures required to maximize safety when a threat may be in, or around, a UFV building.

To receive vital information on your phone during an emergency or during severe weather, register for UFV Alert today.

If you have questions about this drill, please email safetysecurity@ufv.ca.