Leave Reporting System Change

To increase the flexibility of the leave reporting system, leave requests are now optional. Departments may choose to continue having employees utilize this functionality or create their own approval system.


  • Departmental approval is still required prior to taking leave.
    • Please follow your area’s procedure for requesting and approving leave if the leave request functionality is not being used.

Impact of optional leave requests

  • Leave reports will no longer be prepopulated with requested leave dates.
  • The Human Resources Information Systems & Analytic Team will no longer be able to provide audit reports comparing leave requests with reported leave.
  • Monthly reports will only calculate balances based on reported hours.
    • Previously the reports included a projected balance where approved leave requests were deducted from the report balance.

Helpful hints:

  • Leave reports are for time taken.
  • Only one leave report can be submitted for all leaves with in the same semi-monthly period and is not editable once approved.
    • Ensure you require no additional days prior to submitting leave reports.
  • If you are going to be away for the remainder of the reporting period, you may submit your leave report prior to leaving if and only if you will require no additional days off.

Additional Support including how to videos and manuals can be found here.