Employee Moves & Changes July/August, 2023

Welcome to the new employees who joined us in July and August as well as some current employees that have moved into new positions. And congratulations to the temporary employees that have now become permanent! We are very excited to have you join the UFV team.


Congratulations to Michael Anaba, Assistant Professor, Registered Nursing

Hello, I’m Michael Anaba, and I joined the University of the Fraser Valley this fall as an assistant professor in the School of Health Sciences-BSN program. My roots trace back to Ghana in West Africa, but in 2018, I made a life-altering decision to relocate to Canada to pursue my graduate studies at the University of New Brunswick. I resided in the Maritimes until this recent fall, when I made the exciting transition to the charming city of Chilliwack to take on my role at UFV.

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health Nursing and a Master of Science degree in Epidemiology from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa where I delved into research methods, data analysis, and disease surveillance. To underscore my commitment to effective teaching and learning in higher education, I also completed a Diploma in University Teaching at the University of New Brunswick.

Currently, I’m pursuing doctoral studies at the University of New Brunswick and my research on understanding how nature-based experiences can enhance the well-being of refugee youth. My research aims to shed light on ways to bridge the social and health gaps these young people encounter in Canada. With a diverse educational background, hands-on experience, and a commitment to both health research and nursing practice, I am poised to make significant contributions to the field of nursing and public health.

Before my move to Chilliwack, I had the privilege of visiting British Columbia and was captivated by its stunning landscapes and favourable weather. This left me with a strong desire to return one day, and when the opportunity arose at UFV, I wholeheartedly embraced it.

The process of relocating always presents its share of challenges, but I am grateful for the unwavering support provided by the university, which significantly eased my transition into this new community. I am deeply touched by the kindness and generosity of the remarkable individuals in my department and HR, particularly Zoe Strazza, who played a pivotal role in helping me settle in. The remarkable support and strong sense of community have made me feel exceptionally welcome.

Outside of my professional life, I find joy in spending quality time with friends and family, enjoying soccer matches, partaking in ping pong games, and immersing myself in the beauty of the natural world.


And also welcome to these new employees:


  • Jasleen Rakkar, Assistant, Research Office
  • Serhii Myroshnychenko, Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Almaz Butaev, Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Christopher Flood, Manager, Facilities Services
  • Michael Kimbi Joko, Advisor, Human Rights
  • Barbara Sharp, Advisor, Conflict Resolution


  • Andrea Lopushinsky, Payroll Supervisor
  • Andrea Gormley, Assistant Professor, Registered Nursing
  • Leanne Upton, Assistant Professor, Registered Nursing
  • Kayla Jones, Events Assistant
  • Lisa Briscoe, Compensation & Benefits Advisor
  • Simon Lambek, Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Teresa Kisilevich, Dean, Faculty of Applied & Technical Studies
  • Shahrazad Malek, Assistant Professor, Physics
  • Carolyn Roberts, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
  • Lynn Kleinveldt, Assistant Professor, Library & Information Technology
  • Kristina Gicas, Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Jaswinder Uppal, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
  • Trevor Beugeling, Assistant Professor, Engineering
  • Yvonne Dzal, Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Omer Waqar, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems
  • Marina Tourlakis, Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Nathanael Arney, Assistant Professor, School of Business
  • Mitrasadat Tabatabaee, Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Kevin Wainwright, Assistant Professor, School of Business
  • Simranjeet Kaur, Assistant Professor, Registered Nursing
  • Michael Anaba, Assistant Professor, Registered Nursing
  • Ogheneruke Onororemu, Assistant Professor, Registered Nursing
  • Tannaz Zargarian, Assistant Professor, Adult Education
  • Nicole Teskey, Compensation & Benefits Advisor
  • Lily Chan, Director, Capital Projects
  • Amber Gazso, Professor, Social, Cultural & Media Studies
  • Alessandro Tarsia, Assistant Professor, History
  • Jess Wind, Assistant Professor, Arts Integrated Studies
  • Sherri Leon Torres, Assistant Professor, Registered Nursing
  • Jennifer Barrett, Laboratory Instructor, Biology
  • Guillermo Leon Torres, Assistant Professor, Registered Nursing
  • Kirsten Hargreaves, Assistant Professor, Child, Youth & Family Studies
  • Aleksandar Jovanovic, Assistant Professor, History
  • Deborah Alexander, Assistant Professor, Indigenous Studies
  • Andrea Albonico, Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Elizabeth Watters, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work & Human Services



  • Maciej Kaczor, Program Technician, Faculty of Applied & Technical Studies
  • Thomas Hine, Analyst I, Systems


  • Ashley Hunter, Project Coordinator, Projects Office
  • Heidi Christie, Department Coordinator, Criminology
  • Tanish Rathore, Analyst I, Service Desk
  • Felicia Chong, Assistant Professor, School of Business
  • Zia Hossain, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems
  • Mariana Toniolo Barrios, Assistant Professor, School of Business
  • Jennifer Roy, Assistant Professor, Registered Nursing
  • Natasha Kassam, Assistant Professor, Registered Nursing
  • Alessandro Tarsia, Assistant Professor, History
  • Devon McLellan, Assistant Professor, Registered Nursing


  • Susan Stoneson, Assistant Professor, Registered Nursing
  • Khyati Shetty, Director, School of Business
  • Helen Butner, Associate Professor, Upgrading & University Preparation
  • Pauleen Nuite, Assistant, Program Review
  • Natallia Varankovich, Laboratory Instructor, Biology
  • Lauren Erland, Canada Research Chair, Berry Horticulture