Developing Your Personal Growth Plan

Do you have career aspirations, but are not 100% sure how to get there from where you are now?

Even when the work you are engaged in is meaningful and interesting; growth and progress are a natural human need. Did you know there are supports in place at UFV to develop your professional growth plan? Regardless of your department or role, this free workshop through Human Resources helps you work with others to get an idea of what a professional growth plan looks like, how to get clarity of what you want your career path to look like, and how to go about moving towards it through strategic professional development and project adoption.

The investment of a couple of hours with like-minded colleagues will mark the start of exploration into where you want to go next and the steps to get there. Complete with personal anecdotes, case studies, group discussions, and templates to take back for your own planning; Developing Your Professional Growth Path is a free career coaching resource available to you.

In the group work and personal reflection, there is an energy that returns to the work you do with intention. The experience also builds an increased sense of collegiality as well as alerts those you work with as to your area of interests. Approaching each workday knowing that you are not only contributing to the team, but also building your career in a focused direction is encouraging and exciting. To receive a professional growth plan template to help you in identifying knowledge, skills, and abilities you would like to focus on and develop, contact Human Resources.

I took this workshop, worked through the development worksheet and gained new insights into what I wanted out of my career. Others I know did as well. It turns out that the default is not always where we want to go, or that – surprise! — we may value different things in our career from our colleagues. A large part of this workshop’s strengths is the arming one’s self with the tools and skills to think with intention about our career as a whole and to take deliberate time to dream, reflect, and map our way there.

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Submitted by Guest Blogger Michelle Vandepol, Coordinator, Hope Centre