Beyond Barbados

“On my very first field study we got to watch some sea turtles swim in the sea and a mother laying her eggs.”
Steven is a Biology student from the University of the Fraser Valley who is currently studying in Cave Hill, Bermuda at the University of the West Indies. When asked why he chose this institution, Steven said he needed to step out of his comfort zone and prove to himself that he could live on his own in a different culture.

Steven went alone and had to make all new friendship after his arrival. The first semester he kept to himself and his studies, but has since become more outgoing and social, reaping the benefits. “I say yes to more activities and have made some great friends”. He encourages people to put themselves out there and not be too shy. He’s experienced both sides and strongly suggests meeting lots of people.

Fun Times All the Time?

The best way to relax and enjoy the Caribbean sun would be at the beach just down the hill from the university. There is swimming and sunbathing-with Steven only getting badly burnt once! During his free time he has received his scuba diving certification which is something he always dreamed of doing.


Steven had his computer hard-drive fail only a few weeks into his stay which made things significantly more difficult. However, he learned to adapt and has since gotten a new laptop and is doing well in classes.

Class Structure?

They are quite relaxed, he says, noting that classes are the only events which are on time in Barbados. The subjects are interesting and there is a plethora of field work, which is a highlight for sure. As was noted in the introduction to this article, the native animals are present and active-quite different than those of British Columbia.


Go for it. It will be intimidating when you arrive, but after a short while you will figure things out and have the best times of your life. You will learn how to get around in a different culture and meet many different types of people.

Steven Hodgson is a Bachelor of Science student currently abroad in Barbados. 

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